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Event elements Ice

Bookable all year round for your event

Ice carving for guests

Entertaining, extraordinary and versatile. As a teambuilding task to make the company logo out of a massive ice block. Or as an exciting competition, where each participant works like an ice artist and the best result will be awarded.

An ice pick for everyone

Ideal for events with a large number of visitors, as a discreet entertainment during a conference or as an activity during a meeting. Here the guests can pick give-aways or drinks out of the ice block themselves. We freeze the give-aways in an ice block, present it properly, assemble the ice block on a platform and take care of the safety on site.



Live ice carving as a show act

For a special live event we can offer you live ice carving done by one of our team's ice artists. Under the eyes of the audience a logo or sculpture of ice gets the final shape. When the chain saws start the attention of the visitors is attracted and they cannot keep their eyes off the show.