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Ice block production - clear ice blocks - frozen gifts

  • ice block with object freezing

    ice block with object freezing

The in-house ALPENIGLU® ice production uses a special technique to produce crystal clear ice blocks, which are ideal for ice carving and sculptures. It is a pure, natural product without additives but more durable than ordinary, cloudy ice. The production of block ice, average size, takes 4 to 5 days. The finished ice block weighs up to 125 kg.

We offer our ice blocks with the international measures: 100 x 50 x 25 cm
Cuttings for smaller measures or colored ice blocks as well as special orders also possible.

You can collect your ice blocks directly or you get them delivered by a deep-freeze forwarding agency. Just state the required amount of ice blocks, the date of delivery and the place of delivery - we will make an adequate offer.

Our special tip:
Your logo in an ice block, by request also coloured. More information here!



An ice block as a present

Surprise someone with an ice block as a gift: we freeze your present in an ice block. A voucher, money, real flowers or even an engagement ring. We freeze your gift according to your wishes. In addition to that we are happy to engrave a proper text in the ice itself.

Birthday presents, wedding gifts, valentines - everything wrapped in ice!!!

Gift stele small (20 x 40 x 20 cm)     50,-- Euro
Gift stele large (50 x 50 x 20 cm)   100,-- Euro

Prices are cash & collect. After prior appointment the goods can be collected in our ice production in Brixen im Thale (near Kitzbühel). Consignment via deep-freeze forwarding agency is only possible on request.

Exhibition stand construction with ice blocks

Ice blocks are the perfect material to build large cubes or even walls. These constructions not only attract attention. The cold coming from those ice buildings attracts an audience and stays in peoples' minds. The ALPENIGLU® Eis team builds your tailor-made construction for your exhibtion stand, including delivery, installation, adequate lighting and daily maintenance.

Ice engages multiple senses, not only the sight bus also the sense of feeling. Grant your visitors this multidimensional experience!