• Event elements with ice


Ice and events is a perfect combination. The experience to work with such a unique material fascinates and inspires people; it is something that stays in mind. Ice is a raw material that is easy to work with. It is transparent and volatile and therefore guarantees uncommon aspects and uniqueness. Create an ice sculpture together as a group during a team building event! Build an ice bar together or design the logo of your company. Get active while picking a give away out of a solid ice block or be amazed by a live ice carving performance of our ALPENIGLU® ice artists.

The team of ALPENIGLU® ice designs a complete team and corporate event around the topic of ice and snow, it combines unique event elements or presents a show that wills stay in peoples’ minds. All year round, in Tyrol, in Austria, in Germany.

At ALPENIGLU® you receive an offer that is tailored to your specific needs. The team organises group, corporate and VIP events since 1996. A complete package for a whole day or a partial performance in the context of your organisation. In spite of all the experience and routine one thing must never be forgotten:

At the end of the day every guest shall leave the event with sparkling eyes and a smile on their face.

To make this principle come true ALPENIGLU® responds to each and every client individually and constantly develops new programmes. In our in-house ice production we produce the “ingredients” for the exceptional ice events, bookable all year round and especially in the summer a big surprise. Depending on your individual concept we can offer you additional performances offered by our trusted co-operation partners: DJ, fire artist, light effect installations or pyrotechnic are turning your ice event into something phenomenal.


Entertaining, extraordinary and versatile. As a teambuilding task to make the company logo out of a massive ice block. Or as an exciting competition, where each participant works like an ice artist and the best result will be awarded.


For a special live event we can offer you live ice carving done by one of our team’s ice artists. Under the eyes of the audience a logo or sculpture of ice gets the final shape. When the chain saws start the attention of the visitors is attracted and they cannot keep their eyes off the show.