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Ice figures, ice bowls, champagne buckets and ice glasses

On this page we offer you ice objects and articles of daily use that we have in stock. All ice bowls, the exceptional champagne buckets or the ice glasses are made of pure drinking water whithout additives. Therefore they can be used in the food sector without any concerns. We are in a position to offer you appealing bowls and other ice objects that are crystal clear and see-thorugh but also very long-lsating and strong.

Our ice bowls, ice glasses, wine or champagne buckets are used in sophisticated restaurants and hotels and give an exclusive touch to every buffet or bar. Already the shape and transparency of the material attracts attention. But the additional benefit of ice - after all it constantly cools dishes and beverages - fascinates your guests even more. Your buffet stays in people's minds, your gala dinner gains classiness, your bar becomes the eye-catcher.

Ice bowl Toronto

Graceful, octagonal bowls of ice to present dishes and beverages effectfully. Perfect for buffets or bars in premium hotels and restaurants.

volume: ca. 4.5 l, weight: 25 kg, width: 50 cm
accessories: fitting drip pan with discreet cover, LED lighting, food bowl
extras: individual freezings in the bowl (i.e. flowers)

Ice bottle and ice glass Helsinki

Ice bottle Helsinki
The eye-cather on your ice bar. The 80 cm high ice bottle Helsinki is designed as a flow-type cooler and is made to order. Different shapes and labels available on request.

Ice glass Helsinki
The excellent combination with the ice bottle Helsinki. Ideal for cocktails, volume ca 0.15 l. Made of clear block ice, cut from the solid block, very durable.

  • ice bottle and glasses "Helsinki"

    ice bottle and glasses "Helsinki"

  • ice bottle "Helsinki"

    ice bottle "Helsinki"

Wine cooler / champagne cooler of ice

All bottle cooler are made of clear block ice, cut from the solid block, firm and steady, weight approximately 8 kg.

accessories: fitting drip pan with discreet cover, LED lighting
extras: logo milling, label freezing

  • champagne cooler "New York"

    champagne cooler "New York"

  • champagne cooler "Vienna"

    champagne cooler "Vienna"

Huge ice bottle Moscow

Flow-type cooler for hard liquor, the extraordinary eye-catcher on a high-class bar, party gag

extras: costumised freezings, label freezing, logo milling