• Ice counter / Ice bar


Ice counter are the guarantee for a high level of attention, often they are the highlight of an event. Whether it is inside or outside, summer or winter, whether we build the ice bar for you or you build our ice bar construction set yourself: an ice counter made of crystal clear block ice, illuminated with LED lights, is always a great attraction.

Real ice not only captivates people because of the visual appearance, which changes constantly during the melting process. The coldness radiating from the ice bar and the obvious dampness of it gives the sense of freshness and purity. Therefore it is perfect for presenting and serving drinks.

Normally clear ice blocks are used for an ice bar. But it is also possible to freeze objects into the ice blocks (i. e. flowers, photos, bottles…). In addition to that logo carvings or coloured logos are possible. Your ice counter will survive temperatures up to + 25°C, inside or outside, for 4 – 6 hours without any problems. Depending on the weather and temperature a longer utilization is possible.

The ideal addition to your ice bar are our ice figures: glasses, chmapagne coolers or bowls made of ice complete the picture. Our huge ice bottle Moscow, the ice fountain or a vodka slide magically attract your guests. These ice objects are working like a huge flow-type cooler. At the top you fill it with your drink, it is flowing through the ice and you can tap it at the bottom, perfectly chilled and ready to drink. More information about ice figures!

Ice counter are always a highlight, not only for evening events or a Christmas party. Also for your garden party in summer or for an exhibition stand it is the perfect attraction. Ice as a buildng material is a true insider tip. Using this material you will definitely stay in people’s minds: more information about exhibition stand construction!