We build for you….igloos, snow bars and sculptures

Grace, aesthetic, transparence and pure white: no one can elude the charm that the buildings of snow and ice have.

ALPENIGLU® realizes dreams made of this fragile material – dreams that have no limits: from fascinating igloo churches to the realization of entire igloo villages. Special buildings like igloo hotels, ice igloos, igloo event buildings, ice arenas, snow labyrinths or igloo lounges are build by the ALPENIGLU® team. Everything is built with ice and snow.

Light-, sound- and action elements as well as impressing snow- and ice sculptures complete the exciting projects. Modern LED technology allows extraordinary light effects. Ice as a building element provides transparence and is used as an extravagant building material inside the igloos.

An igloo made of snow is the basis for our snow buildings. We can build all kinds of buildings if we modify the basic form or put different igloos together. These “new” buildings get their own personal touch through their unique design and interior.

The century old and well approved igloo building technique used in northern countries provides a basis for our projects. Due to our special building technique our compact and solid snow buildings are built within a few days and don’t need further technical support.

We design and build our igloos custom made – with electricity, lighting, beds, bars, tables, chairs and if required with beautiful ice and snow carvings. There are no limits when it comes to igloo building!